Discover Târnava Mare Flowers

Purple Viper’s-grass

Scorzonera purpurea subsp.purpurea

A­ slender,­ branched­ plant ­with­ grass-like ­leaves ­and­ solitary,­ upright,­ branched­ flowering­ stems, ­each­ with­ several­ pale­ lilac ­flowers.

Height: 20-60 cm

Flower size: 20-30 mm

Flowering season: May, June, July

Flower Blooming season diagram

Three-toothed Orchid

Species Red-listed in Romania

Orchis tridentata

A small orchid, with unspotted spear-shaped leaves and a slightlyuntidy, short cylindrical spike of pink flowers dotted and lineddarker purplish-pink.

Height: 10-30 cm

Flower size: 3-5 mm

Flowering season: May, June

Flower Blooming season diagram

Yellow Pheasant’s-eye

Species Red-listed in Romania

Adonis vernalis

Forming upright clumps of feathery leaves and yellow flowers, usually on south-facing slopes, often in large numbers; protected but widely collected as a medicinal plant.

Height: 10-45 cm

Flower size: 20-40 mm

Flowering season: April, May

Flower Blooming season diagram

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