Extraordinary experiences

In Tarnava Mare you can experience activities that have continued unchanged for centuries. The atmospheric and timeless art of charcoal making, happens now just as it has for 800 years.

In most of the thirty villages in summer, you can see the evening procession of cows returning to their owners’ homes for milking, generally about an hour before sunset. You can ‘Meet the Bees’ in protective bee-keeper suits, you can ‘beat the bread’, picnic with the shepherds in the forest and watch an oak barrel being made by hand, among many other things.

The flora and fauna of Tarnava Mare is recognised, internationally, for its rarity and importance. Local guides and experts can share their knowledge and enthusiasm with you, whether you are a beginner or an expert – we can all learn from each other.

The Tarnava Mare Long Distance Walking Network provides opportunities for the walker, hiker or cyclist to explore this stunning landscape for days. This network, the first of its kind in Romania, is based wherever possible on existing cart tracks that have linked the villages in the area for centuries.

Tarnava Mare Community Fund

A 10% donation from each activity goes to The Tarnava Mare Community Fund managed by Fundatia ADEPT. This pays for small projects to benefit the local communities. Additional donations are welcome and can be received at the Tourist Information Office or you can donate online. The fund is currently supporting weaving and craft projects.

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