Overview of Prices

Here you can get an idea of the costs of activities, experiences and accommodation in Tarnava Mare. You will find more information in the entries of individual businesses. All activities can be booked through the Tourist Information Centre and payment is accepted by credit card.

The price quoted for each activity includes 10% booking fee to help sustain the Tourist Information Centre and a 10% contribution to the Community Fund. This fund supports small projects that benefit local communities. The remaining 80% goes directly to the supplier. Please note that some of the prices may change during the season.


Village Bed & Breakfast. Check availability and book with the Tourist Information Centre. From 35 RON per person per night.

Activities Charges
Charcoal making, blacksmiths, courtyard visit 7.5 RON per person, per visit
Church 5 RON per person, per visit
Bread making, barrel making, sheep stana 10 RON per person, per visit
Lunch in courtyard,
or picnic at a sheepfold
40 RON per person
35 RON per person
Meet the Bees. Includes use of full bee suit supplied by the Tourist Information Centre 24 Ron per person
plus local guide for 2 hours (see Services below)
Horse and cart. Maximum of four people per cart Half day 60 RON,
Full day 80 RON


All prices include a 10% Booking fee and a 10% Tarnava Mare Community Fund donation.
Tour operators please contact us directly to discuss how we can put packages together for you.

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