The Perfect Location

The unspoilt landscape and clear air make Tarnava Mare the perfect film location – for careful and considerate film makers. Contact the Tourist Information Centre in Saschiz if you’d like any further information.

The Dark is Rising

In 2007, Saschiz was the location used to film The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper

Starring Alexander Ludwig, Christopher Eccleston, Frances Conroy and Ian McShane

“During Christmas break from school, a seemingly typical teenager discovers he’s anything but ordinary. As the seventh son of a seventh son, Will Stanton is The Seeker – a chosen warrior destined to restor the delicate earthly balance between Light and Dark. Guided by ancient protectors of the Light, young Will must travel through time to gather the hidden signs that hold the ultimate power to protect the world.”

— Source: Twentieth Century fox and Walden Media

It was a truly bizarre experience, seeing hot and sunny Saschiz, disquised as a quaint English village, wreathed in snow in the middle of summer! There were typical English road signs, cars with UK number plates, a post box and even little posters in the window of the pretend village shop. The attention to detail was astonishing.

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