At Gerda’s Viscri 22

If you are new to the Tarnava Mare area or a returning guest, a visit at Viscri nr 22 is a must. Gerda, or ‘mama Gerda’ (mother Gerda) and her husband, Nicu, are one of the agro tourism pioneers of the area. Enjoy an authentic Saxon courtyard meal with absolutely zero food miles. Savor home grown vegetables and fruit, poultry, pork and lamb in the shade of their inner courtyard vineyard. Gerda is the inspiration for the International Slow Food in Romania and considered one of the most skillful cooks in the area. Viscri nr 22 can host up to 15 tourist at a time, if you decide to stay overnight.

Contact Information

  • Owner: Gherghiceanu Gerda
  • Address: Viscri, nr.22
  • Mobile: +40 741009889


  • Price: lunch or dinner 10 Euro/pers
  • Languages: German, English, French
  • Location: 46.055765 : 25.094718

  • Contat Tourists Information Centre:
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