Large Blue

Latin name: Maculinea arion

Species Red-listed in Romania EU Habitats Directive species

The blue coloured under-wing is more intense and the black wingspots more obvious than the Scarce Large Blue. Eggs are laid on thyme or marjoram. They prefer dry grassland: sunny meadows, often rocky grassland with limestone. Caterpillars feed on thyme or marjoram flowers for a few weeks, then they are taken and fed by host ants. The adults emerge in late May-June. Extensive grazing land and non-use for 1-2 years favours this species. Intensive grazing with land degradation has led to a strong reduction of the species in Europe, but in Romania is still quite common.

Wing span: 40-50 mm

  • Flight period
  • Egg period
  • Larva period
  • Pupa period

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