Discover Târnava Mare Butterflies

Marbled Skipper

Charcarodus lavatherae

This butterfly is distinguished from related species by the colour of dorsal face of the wing, green-brown, or brown-yellow with green tints. Females lay eggs on flowers of woundwort (Stachys spp.). On very warm days, males suck the water from […]

Wing span: 30-34 mm

Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk-moth

Hemaris tityus

Although this is a moth, this species flies only during the day, preferring sunny periods and places. It is recognized by its very fast flight, like a large bumblebee, by its transparent fore-wings and black abdomen with orange rings. The […]

Wing span: 35-40 mm

Large Blue

Maculinea arion

The blue coloured under-wing is more intense and the black wingspots more obvious than the Scarce Large Blue. Eggs are laid on thyme or marjoram. They prefer dry grassland: sunny meadows, often rocky grassland with limestone. Caterpillars feed on thyme […]

Wing span: 40-50 mm

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