Small Emperor Moth

Latin name: Eudia pavonia

The male bears pinnate (feather-like) antennae and is significantly smaller but more colourful than the female. The general appearance of the male is reddish, and even the hind wings are brick-red. Femalesfly at night, males in daytime searching for females. Adult butterflies do not eat, which is why they do not live more than a few days. Eggs are laid on the twigs of blackthorn, hawthorn, wild rose,etc. Caterpillars develop in May – July, and overwinter in the pupa stage in a silk cocoon. The Small Emperor Moth prefers warm habitats rich in blackthorn and hawthorn bushes. The species is endangered due to removal of scrub from grasslands, burning of vegetation, and use of pesticides.

Wing span: m 55-60 mm - f 68-75 mm

  • Flight period
  • Egg period
  • Larva period
  • Pupa period

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