House on the Hill Chilli Pickles

Tasty and spicy – “The House on the Hill Chilli Pickles-” are the first fully registered traditional preserve in the area. The “chef” was recently welcomed into the Slow Food family as a young member!

I always loved my mum’s chilli pickles ! Like we say good food like that made by your mother, at home, you can’t find everywhere!
These kinds of products, we have known them forever. Cooked on wood fire stoves, using vegetables from our own gardens, always fresh, always tasty and most important-always healthy!
As I grew up, I realised the importance of this process and I’ve become more and more interested on keeping this way of life (growing fruits and vegetables by practising traditional agricultural methods with respect for the environment, protecting in that way the rich biodiversity of the area which brought us the European recognition as part of the Natura 2000 network), using recipes learned from previous generations and protecting them from the danger of time. This is the reason why we registered “the Chilli Pickles” with the authorities and we obtained the certificate in February 2009.
Also, we are proud to be part of the “Saxon Village Preserves” one of the projects led by Fundatia ADEPT -dedicated to producers and traditional food in our area, Tarnava Mare. Thanks to this project- even if the legislation is quite harsh for the small producer- a community Food Barn was built in Saschiz that has been authorised for food production so that we can continue to do what we know best: prepare good- clean food and share it ! The story goes forward.
The pickles are also availible from the Tourist Information Centre-Saschiz and Farmers Market organised in Bucuresti and Brasov – Tarnava Mare stand!

Contact Information

  • Owner: Anca Calugar and Charles Dalmasso
  • Address: Nr 200
  • Commune: Saschiz
  • Telephone: +40 265 711 613
  • Mobile: +40 740 286874
  • Email:


  • Languages: Romanian, French, English

  • Contat Tourists Information Centre:
    Contat Tourists Information Centre

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