Meet the Bees

Have you ever wondered why and how bees make honey? Have all your questions answered and discover the wonderful world of bees.

Discover: come with the beekeepers and discover a whole fantastic world, where beautiful wild flowers become the best honey you ever tasted!

Admire: dont be afraid, and come closer! Wearing the high quality suit, you can admire the bees like to never did! You are no longer a stranger but part of the beehive!

Learn: At the end of the visit you will be an expert in bees and the art of keeping them!

Taste: after the sense of vision, your senses of taste and smell are going to be flattered with a delicious tasting of the very honey from your friends the bees!

Buy: Some of the honey you have just enjoyed and take a taste of Tarnava Mare home with you!

Fundatia ADEPT has purchased six full bee suits in three different sizes and these are kept at the Tourist Information Centre in Saschiz.

The Meet the Bees experience is available in early evenings from May to September and the visit takes about 1.5 hours for groups of maximum five people.

The cost to ‘Meet the Bees’ is 20 Ron per person plus a local guide for 2 hours costing Ron80 per group. Please note that 24 hours notice is generally required to book this activity. Several bee-keepers in the Tarnava Mare area can provide this unique experience.

For further information, please contact the Saschiz Tourist Information Centre directly to arrange an appointment time to suit both yourselves and the bees.

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