TBT | Transilvania Bike Trails

Objectives of the project

  1. Objective 1:

    Preparing mountain bike network to link 5 comunes and with Sighisoara town (which include 3 UNESCO sites)

Measurable outputs:

  • 80 km of mountain bike trail by October 2014
  • 100 local people employed seasonally 2013 and 2014
  • 5 village meetings by June 2013
  • good practice guide for mountain bike trails, of generic use throughout Romania, by November 2013

Output 1.1:

80 km mountain-bike network which will connect 8 villages in the area (see map). The involvement of all local actors in creating and maintaining the mountainbile network will ensure transparency and maximise support.

Output 1.2:

Good practice guide for local and wider use in the building, maintaining and managing of mountain bike trails/network for sustainable use and local benefit

Maps of the network and brochures to promote the network

  1. Objective 2:

    Preparing the tourism strategy for the mountain bike network and all products and services linked with the network, using Swiss expertise and experience.

Measurable outputs:

  • Strategy for the best practice use of the network;
  • One visit by ADEPT to Switzerland;
  • Two visits by 2 NFS representatives to Romania each year,

Output 2.1:

Strategy for the best practice use of the network, a resource for long term sustainable management with local benefit, that can also be a good model for wider use

Output 2.2:

Exchange of experience and development of strong cooperation between the Swiss and Romanian partners through visits to similar areas in Switzerland, and Swiss partner visits to project area.


  1. Objective 3:

    Awarness raising for green turism linking urban with rural areas

Output 3.1:

brochures, maps, a smart phone application, and a dedicated page on the website

Output 3.2:

a national mountain bike competition to inaugurate the network, bringing national publicity, and which will become an annual fixture.

Output 3.3:

conference to launch the project and to close the project, and other events/festivals linked to the mountain bike network.



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