Pensiunea Muttenz

The beautiful old saxon house offers 2 bedrooms, a bathroom with toilet and shower, kitchen, large porch, large yard, barn and orchard and a delicious breakfast with local products

Far from the civilized world, in pure nature, in a village that was lucky to escape modernization, you can experience a return to true values or, even a reconsideration of the future. Here, simple ideas come without effort and simple life can be rediscovered.
away from the consumer frenzy that has dominated the last 50 years.” (John Seymour)
It is not very quiet because all kinds of birds are singing from morning till night. From time to time you can listen to horses lowing cows, barking dogs and many others that brings joy and memories. And most of all, everything goes slow.
Meschendorf is ideal for a meeting with the buffalo, because the buffalo farm in Meschendorf has 540 buffaloes, of which two buffaloes weigh one ton each. Buffalo milk is delicious and products can be tasted – a real treat for all the gourmets.
Hiking in the untouched oak and beech forest, will make you never forget this place.
Someone wrote an article about Meschendorf and says: “The village is lost in its own beautiful tranquility.”

Contact Information

  • Owner: Foundation Muttenz - Meschendorf
  • Address: Meschendorf nr 40
  • Commune: Bunesti
  • Mobile: +40 721280614
  • Fax: +40 268338114
  • Email:


  • Rooms: 2 Double
  • Price: 13 per day
  • Languages: Romanian, English

  • Contat Tourists Information Centre:
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