Local Guides

Daytrips to fortified churches and wild nature
of Tarnava Mare Area

Emanuel Enache, a local guide offers day trips from Sighisoara and around the Tarnava Mare area. Besides astonishing fortified churches, you will meet and visit local craftsmen such as charcoal burners, shepherds, bee keepers, and others.
Nature lovers and birdwatchers can enjoy walking through one of Europe’s best preserved authentic rural landscapes with an impressive natural richness. Bears and wolfs still roam the forests, rare birds as the lesser spotted eagle, the corncrake, bee-eaters, hoopoes and the ural owl can often be seen on our days out.
Please find below a flexible day trip offer that can be tailored according to your preferences.

Itinerary Without
Transportation provided up to 4 person
Apold, Bradeni, Iacobeni 50 eur 80 eur
Biertan, Richis, Malancrav 50 eur 90 eur
Viscri, Bunesti, Saschiz 50 eur 100 eur
Contact details:
Tel: +40.745.501.861
Email: emanuel71@yahoo.com



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